Guild Wars 2 Card Game Expansion: Prophecies, 60+ New Cards!

guild wars 2 card game expanson prophecies
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2017)

Introducing the first Guild Wars 2 Card Game Expansion: Prophecies

The expansion comes packed with over 60 new cards all based upon the memorable characters from the original Guild Wars 1 game Prophecies. The expansion also comes with a new ability as well as a huge balance overhaul to all existing cards which in testing has made the game a lot more fun and playable.

When I made the card game a few months back I knew I wanted to release expansions for the game, its a great way to bring more life into the game and the community. Prophecies was my first choice because its the foundation in which the Guild Wars universe was built. I personally played Guild Wars 1 for several thousand hours and have very fond memories of the game. Add Prophecies as the first expansion is also a great way to bring back serious nostalgia and remember those key characters from the original game from over 12 years ago.


Major Game Balance

As well as bringing over 60 new cards to the game, there is also a massive card balance with this release. After lots of playing we realized that everything was just too strong, I mean, you would rarely get much above 12/15 Endurance in a game when the max is 20. This also meant that your decks would consist of mainly the basic low-end cards which isn’t much fun. So I have re-balanced all the existing cards and after some testing it seems like it is a success. Games now go to 20 endurance and beyond by quite a few turns and your decks will need to have more endurance cost balance as well as exotics and legendaries, which was the goal. I still only recommendation you bring maybe 1 or 2 Legendary cards but you will get a ton more play out of those exotics and mid-range cards which have such cool characters and abilities.

So whats new in this first expansion?


New Legendary cards

There are only 3 new Legendary cards added to the game, I chose 3 of the most prominent characters and the ones that left the most impact in the story to me. These 3 characters are unforgettable if you played Prophecies and their abilities had to do them justice.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Undead Lich is a powerful undead necromancer who commands the Orrian undead armies attacking Kryta. He seeks to fulfill the Flameseeker Prophecies by obtaining the Scepter of Orr to gain the control of the Titan army and take over Tyria. In order to complete this goal of becoming the Flameseeker, he manipulates major events and various key figures, including the players.

His ability to remove all boons and taunt is based on the ability: Strip Enchantmant. Which the Undead Lich does use in combat in game.


Glint known as Keeper of the Flameseeker Prophecies, Protector of the Forgotten, Foe of the Undead Lich, and Downfall of the Titans, is an ancient dragon prophet living within a single grain of sand in the Crystal Desert. Her role was to welcome the young heroes of Tyria, hailing them as the Chosen who would destroy the Titans and save the world.

Her ability is based on the skill Crystal Haze, an ability which would drain your energy. I decided to make the ability more powerful in the card game to make the card standout with the other Legendary cards.


Lazarus the Dire was one of the Mursaat present at the Rise of the White Mantle. He assisted Saul D’Alessio in the defense of Kryta against the Charr invasion. Lazarus is one of the few survivors of the Flameseeker Prophecies. When the Titans emerged from the Foundry of Failed Creations, he split himself up into several aspects and imbued them within members of the broken White Mantle, claiming them to be a blessing.

Lazarus is a Mursaat, also known as “The Unseen Ones”, are a race of floating humanoid spellcasters. They have the ability to hide themselves from those who do not have the gift of True Sight

His Stealth ability is based on the ability all Mursaat have and that is to be invisible to those who do not have the gift of True Sight.


New Exotic cards

There are 13 new Exotics cards being added to the game, these cards are also based on the most influential characters in the original guild wars 1 game story.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Confessor Dorian was one of the founding members of the White Mantle, and remained one of its most prominent members until his death. He was present at the Rise of the White Mantle, where he witnessed the kidnapping of Saul D’Alessio and the murders of Gisinger, Bryen, Jaemes and Rebekah.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Saul D’Alessio Days after being exiled, the delirious Saul D’Alessio encountered a city where he found towers that reached up into the heavens and was inhabited by godlike creatures. Upon receiving life saving aid from these creatures he returned to Kryta, proclaiming them as his gods, the Unseen Ones.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Brechnar Ironhammer is the brother of King Jalis Ironhammer of the Deldrimor Dwarves.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Dagnar Stoneplate is the cousin of Jalis Ironhammer and the founder and original leader of the xenophobic Stone Summit.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Justicar Hablion was one of the few people who survived the Rise of the White Mantle, and thus one of the few people who could accurately describe the events of that night. He was one of Saul D’Alessio‘s closest allies up until his disappearance. He would later become a very high-ranking member of the White Mantle.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

King Adelbern was once a great war hero of Ascalon. Because of his actions during the Guild Wars, he was crowned king by the people’s demand despite not being next in line for the royal crown. Because of this, royalists have formed in attempt to dethrone Adelbern.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

King Jalis Ironhammer is the latest king of Deldrimor. He shows his concern for his people, making decisions based solely on how they will affect the Dwarves of Deldrimor, and in turn he is loved by his people. He values the alliance with humans and is willing to aid any who can aid him and his people.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Prince Rurik was born in the city of Drascir as royalty of Ascalon, Rurik wielded the ancient Orrian sword, Sohothin. He was betrothed to Lady Althea prior to her death during the Charr invasion. Rurik led the Ascalon Vanguard with his direct subordinates being Captain GreywindCaptain Arne, and Lieutenant Langmar. In 1070 AE, he tracked down Vatlaaw Doomtooth with the help of the new Ascalon Vanguard recruits fresh out of the Ascalon Academy, just before the Searing.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Optimus Caliph was one of the Mursaat present at the Rise of the White Mantle. He assisted Saul D’Alessio in the defense of Kryta against the Charr invasion. Caliph was killed at Abaddon’s Mouth in defense of the Door of Komalie.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Ancient Seer sometimes simply called Seer, is the seer that is seen throughout the last few missions of the Guild Wars Prophecies campaign. The Seer is found in remote locations on the Ring of Fire Island Chain and Southern Shiverpeaks. The Ancient Seer offer the ability to infuse players’ armor against Spectral Agony, with the exclusion of within Hell’s Precipice.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Dragon Lich are melee necromancers that use their necromantic skills to transfer conditions away from themselves, to heal, and to dispel opponent enchantments. They deal massive damage with their melee attacks and, when combined with Deafening Roar, inflict Dazed on their foes interrupting any spells.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Doppleganger is the only thing that stands between the player and Ascension.  He is their mirror image which they must defeat alone to test their ability to outsmart their foes. Against it there is no relying on expensive equipment or hiding behind party members.


Guild wars 2 card game expansion Prophecies

Armagedden Lord are shepherds of the Titans that lead the forces of the Lich Lord through the portals he opened to the major cities on Tyria. When slain, each will produce a level 28 Risen Ashen Hulk.


New Basic cards

The expansion will also include over 40 new basic cards, these cards are the more common characters or creatures through out the world. They are all unique to the first game prophecies and will bring back some good or bad memories for sure. Some of the cards include Henchmen, The Forgotten, Dwarves, White Mantle, Fissure of Woe and Underworld Minions as well as Minions found around the Ring of Fire Islands.

View all Basic Prophecies Cards


New Ability

Stealth is a new ability added to the game with the Prophecies expansion. Stealth allows the minion to be hidded (played upside down) so it not known to your enemy. This card cannot be attacked or damaged by any of your enemy’s abilities while it is in Stealth(upside down). Once the card attacks is it flipped over to reveal itself and stealth is gone.

There are only a couple Stealth cards in the game as of the Prophecies expansion, it is a very special ability and could be deadly when used at the right time.


How to play

There are two ways you can play the Guild Wars 2 Card Game and the new Expansion Prophecies which is all free. Choose the one that suits your play style below:

guild wars 2 card game on table top simulator guild wars 2 card game print and play


View all the cards and read the rules on the official website.

Read the original Game release blog post.

Latest info & updates are on the Subreddit in the sidebar.

Join us on our Discord server to find games and talk about the game.



Special thanks to Snowbird for his work on the Tabletop Simulator Mod & Linkgannon for the Printable version of the game.



Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game.

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