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gw2 ccg card game

Welcome to Guild Wars 2: Heroes of the Mists

A Collectible Card Game based on the world of Tyria and beyond.

Guild wars 2 Card Game: Heroes of the Mists is based on the world, lore, characters, heroes, villains and quaggans of the brilliant MMORPG Guild Wars 2. This card game has been months in the making and It is finally time to reveal my hard work to the fellow fans of this amazing franchise.

Having spent all my free time over the last few months to bring this together, from idea to concept and drawings which you can read about here. Then from concept to design which you can read all about in this previous blog post here. And finally putting all 200 plus cards together to make a working guild wars 2 card game for my favorite franchise of all time.

I truly hope that the people who love Guild Wars as much as I do take the time to try this game out. I’m welcome to all your feedback and suggestions and might even ask for help for future updates to the game. I’ve tried to keep this card game as simple and easy to understand as possible while making it fun and challenging depending on your opponent and how deep you want to craft the perfect deck. There will be a full download link and images of every card at the bottom of this post. Without blabbing on too much longer, let’s dive in a see how this game is going to work.


If you want to view the Official site for the game click here.

Here you can view all the cars, read the rules and more.


Guild Wars 2: Card Game HotM, How does it work?

The objective of the card game is to defeat the opponent’s Hero. Each Hero will start with 80 Health and the first person to receive 80 Damage to their Hero loses. Players will build a deck of 50 cards each, 10 of those cards will be predetermined by the Profession you chose called Skill cards. The remaining 40 cards will be Minion cards and it will be up to the players to select and build a deck they think will bring them victory. Every turn players will use Endurance to summon Minion or Skill cards to damage the enemy Minions or the Hero.



Guild Wars 2 Card Game Heroes of the Mists Deck

Rules and General Game play

Cards, Deck & the Basics:

Each player will have a 50 card deck & 1 Profession card to play with. There are 3 types of cards, Profession, Skill & Minion.

  • – The Profession card is your Hero and is not part of your deck.
  • – Your deck will consist of 50 cards (10 Skill cards and 40 Minion Cards)
  • – Cards cost Endurance to summon, you get Endurance at the start of each turn.
  • – You will start by drawing 3 cards from the top of your deck. At the start of the game you may replace any of the 3 cards with 3 new ones from the top of the deck pile. (reshuffle the deck if you replace cards)
  • – At the start of each turn draw 1 card and gain 1 Endurance.
  • – The player starting seconds will start with 2 Endurance.
  • – When you Summon a card onto the board, it should be placed sideways because it is inactive. At the end of your turn any inactive cards must be turned straight making them activated.
  • – When you attack with a card, you deal damage to that card’s health. You also take damage from the card you attacked.
  • – Any Conditions being applied during a card’s attack are applied after the damage has been dealt, not before.
  • – The first person to kill the opponent’s Hero is the Winner.



Guild Wars 2 Card Game Heroes of the Mists professions

Hero & Professions:

Each player will pick a Hero card, these are based on the 9 profession in the Guild Wars 2 game. Choosing a Hero class will give you 10 Skill cards of your 50 card deck.



Players will take turns using their Endurance to summon Minions or use Skills. At the start of each turn players will get 1 extra Endurance token and draw 1 card.

When you Summon a card it will not be activated until the end of your turn. When you summon a card place it down sideways and at the end of your turn, turn the card straight to activate for your next turn.



Gw2 card game endurance


Cards cost endurance, you start your first turn with 1 Endurance and gain 1 extra Endurance every turn to a maximum of 20. The player who goes second will start with 2 Endurance. Endurance is shown in the yellow icon at the bottom of the cards.

Use the Endurance tokens to keep track of your Endurance each turn.



Guild Wars 2 Card Game health gw2


Your Hero and Minion Cards have a Red Health circle and a number inside to show how much Health they have, use the damage tokens to indicate the damage you have received. The first person to receive 80 Damage to their Hero is the loser.

When you receive Damage to your Hero or Minion cards, use the Damage token to display how much damage has been done to that card.

When a Minion card is defeated (0 Health) it must go onto the discard pile.



Guild Wars 2 Card Game Damage


Damage output is indicated on the top of the card, you may attack any card on the board or the enemy Hero. When you attack you deal damage to the Card or Hero. You will also receive damage from the card you attack.

Any Damage you do to a Minion or Hero should be displayed with a Damage token on top of the Minion or Hero Card.



guild wars 2 card game boons


There are 3 Boons in the game, Might, Protection & Aegis.

  • – Aegis – Block the next attack, if you have multiple stacks, you block multiple attacks.
  • – Might – Each stack of might, that card deals +1 Damage
  • – Protection – Half the incoming damage, this boon does not stack and if removed when any damage is taken. 1 Damage becomes 0.

When a Boon is applied to a Minion or Hero, place the corresponding Token on top of that Card.



gw2 card game conditions


There are 3 Conditions in the game, Blind, Vulnerability & Weakness. If your card inflicts a condition as well as dealing Damage, that condition is applied after any damaged caused by that Card.

  • – Vulnerability – Receive double damage, only for the next attack you receive then this condition is removed and does not stack.
  • – Weakness – Deal half damage, only for the next attack you receive then this condition is removed and does not stack.
  • – Blind – Miss a turn, any card with Blind will not be able to attack for 1 turn and blind is removed at the end of that next turn. Blind can stack meaning a card could miss several turns.

When a Condition is applied to a Minion or Hero, place the corresponding Token on top of that Card.

If your attack inflicts a Conditions, that Condition is applied after the damage is dealt. Example: If my Minion deals 5 Damage and inflicts Vulnerability, I deal 5 Damage and then Vulnerability is applied to the enemy card.



guild wars 2 card game taunt


When a card has Taunt, that means that card MUST be attacked until it is either defeated or taunt has been removed. Taunt is neither a Boon or a Conditions because it could be good or bad depending on how you look at it and how you use it.

If a card has Taunt, Make sure it has the Taunt token on top of it.



Fury lets you attack straight away without waiting for your card to activate. When you Summon a card with Fury, you can attack with that card on that turn. Fury is not a Boon or a Condition, it is a card’s ability.



guild wars 2 tokens card game


Token are used to easily show the status of the Hero, Minions and more. Both players must be vigilant and keep on top of all the Tokens on the board,  it’s the brain of the game and without them the game wouldn’t work. Some Tokens Stack, some only last 1 turn. It is up to each player to keep track and ensure everything runs smoothly.

If a player forgets to remove or correct a token at the end of their turn it’s their own fault. Example: If my card has Blind (which is supposed to only last 1 turn) and I forgot to remove it at the end of my turn. I cannot remove the blind until the end of my next turn, effectively making it so my card missed 2 turns instead of 1 because of my error. It’s like Monopoly, if I forget to collect from a visitor on my property, that’s my own problem.



Skill Cards

Skill cards are based on your Profession, you must have 10 Skill cards. As of game release v1, there are only 5 Skill cards per profession, so you must take 2 of each.



Minion Cards

There are 3 rarities of Minion cards

  • – Basic Low cost and effective, don’t underestimate the power of your basic cards.
  • – Exotic Medium cost and creative, a lot of these have substantial abilities and good damage.
  • – Legendary  High cost and big damage, these cards can change the tide of battle.

You must pick 40 Minion cards to build your full deck of 50 cards, 10 cards are Skill cards. You may have up to 2 of any Basic or Exotic card in your deck, where as you may only have 1 of each Legendary card in your deck. It is recommended that you build a balanced deck around the Endurance cost of your cards, this way you will be able to play more cards as the game progresses.





guild wars 2 card game board

The Board

This is what a typical game might look like, imagine we are the player at the bottom and lets take a look and examine the current state of the game. So how are we doing?

  • – Our hero has taken 19 damage, he does however have Protection meaning he will only receive half damage on the next attack.
  • – We’ve got 3 cards in our hand.
  • – We played 1 card this turn (Fire Elemental), that’s why it is turned sideways.
  • – We have 13 Endurance to spend this turn.
  • – A few of our Minions have taken some pretty big damage and a few are close to death.
  • – Our Legendary Card has taken a big hit and is Weakened meaning he’s doing half damage on his next attack.

So what about our Opponent? how’s he doing?

  • – He’s taken more damage to his hero, 25 Health lost
  • – He does have more cards than us.
  • – His Legendary Keep Construct is pretty well shut down, he has 3 stacks of Blind, meaning he misses 3 turns. He also has 3 Stacks of Vulnerability meaning the next 3 attacks we deal to him will be at double damage.
  • – His Braham on the other hand while only having 2 Health remaining, he will be doing 12 damage on his next attack.
  • – We can’t overlook that Scritt Sentry, with 3 stacks of Might he is now dealing 8 damage.

As you can see a battle like this can have a lot of tactics and angles to play, an enemy could drop a massive Minion to only be shut down with Conditions and our friendly Boons.




The Cards

Below are links to all Cards in the game as of Version 1.0 of Guild Wars 2 Card Game Heroes of the Mists. Cards are sorted by Endurance costs and by Rarity or Profession. You may also see a link to download all the cards below as well. You can view the cards below:


Card Back and Info Cards

Profession Cards

Skill Cards

Basic Minion Cards

Exotic Minion Cards

Legendary Minion Cards

View the Rules


Latest info,updates and printable version are on the Subreddit in the sidebar

Game is now available on Tabletop Simulator!

Join us on our Discord server to find games and talk about the game




This project was a lot of fun, it wasn’t easy and took a lot of time. I never thought it would grow to be what it has become, I initially just wanted to design some cards for a game I love. I never thought it would end up with me making over 200 cards, 3 blog posts, all that planning, research, drawing, wire-framing, testing, image cropping, theory crafting, stat building, number crunching, the list goes on and on. If I had to guess I would say I have spent over 50 hours on this project over the last few months. I first had the idea over a year ago and I’m really happy I finally got around to making it.

I can’t wait to play it myself and see what other people think of my project.



If you like that game I have made and wish to show your appreciation, please share this post with your friends, leave a comment or you can send me a message or beer in game at: Roam.2807 


Thank you




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