The Vegan Calculator

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2015)

The Vegan Calculator is a simple calculator that takes the length of time you’ve been Vegan and tells you how much Water, Grain, Forest, Co2 & Animals you have saved in comparison to someone who consumes meat and dairy.


After watching the documentary Cowspiracy, I was astounded by just how much you save in 1 day as a Vegan. Being a Vegan myself, I was curious to see how much it could add up to after several years. Before I even calculated it for myself, I thought of making a calculator so that everyone could see just how much of an impact they could make.




With the way our society is today, it can make us feel pretty helpless when it comes to ending the suffering of animals or the destruction that animal agriculture is imposing on the planet.

Honestly, sometimes I don’t feel that my choices as an individual are making much of a difference at all. But the statistics indicate otherwise.


The Vegan movement is growing every day and as with all movements they start out small. I made the calculator to show that living a Vegan lifestyle truly makes a difference and that the choices you make as an individual really do matter.


Try out the Vegan Calculator for yourself here:



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