Slow Game Loading HDD vs SSD on Rainbow Six Siege.

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2019)

I recently got Rainbow Six Siege when there was a free weekend on steam, liked the game enough that I bought it when the weekend ran out. But I was having huge slow loading issues when joining games, so much so that I was actually getting kicked from games from other players. So I decided to try to figure out what the issue was and see if I could load quicker. I can run the game on ultra with an average FPS for 60+ if I’m happy for it to load, but obviously other people in the match don’t care what my game looks like. I know that the normal reasons for slow loading are big texture files so I did some tests with different texture quality on my HDD, then I got an SSD from a friend the week later and redid the tests with massive results.


HDD Loading times with different texture quality:

  • Texture Low : 30s
  • Texture Med: 43s
  • Texture High: 57s
  • Texture Ultra : 1:21


SSD Loading times with different texture quality:

  • Texture Low : 7s
  • Texture Med: 8s
  • Texture High: 9s
  • Texture Ultra : 12s


As you can see the load times between Low and Ultra on the HDD are almost 1 minute longer, but the difference between an HDD and SSD is absolutely massive. Hope this helps you load into games R6S quicker and any other game for that matter.

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