Redesigning the Playster home page

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2015)



So recently I have been working on a redesign of the Playster home page, this was a bit of a challenge because of the amount of crucial information that needed to be put forward on a single page, and look good.

The original brief requested to have the slight diagonal lines, each section to be a bullet point of what Playster is and that all the key features are highlighted in a way that is very easy to understand. I feel like we nailed the original brief, there are some very picky people that this needed to please and it was a hit from the start. Not going to lie, from the v1 of the design I ended up with 7 refinements to get to where we are. I feel like we did a really good job on the final design, and the website is now live and being used by thousands of users daily.

I am very proud of this design, it met all the requirements and delivers a superb reading experience by taking you through the features one by one as your go down the page.  I feel like the page reads like a good book, easing you into the next chapter one by one and it makes sense.


What do I take from this project?

Its always good to get a detailed brief and the input from other people is very valuable and totally necessary for a great design. Sometimes as a designer its hard to listen to criticism, but when its constructive and talked out, the results are far superior to if you did it yourself.  tldr: criticism isn’t easy to take, but you got to use it to your advantage.


Thank you for reading

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