My UX/UI & Design inspiration resource list

ux ui design resource inspiration list
(Last Updated On: April 16, 2019)

There are thousands of websites out there for design inspiration, everything from visual art, to details user interfaces. I have a bunch of places I keep coming back to time and time again for my own inspiration resource. I work on a lot of different things in my daily work or in my free time so here is my list of design inspirations resources:



Design Systems

Material Design – This is almost the 101 on how to make a design system.

Polaris – Shopify

Carbon Design System – Very good design system.

Atlassasin – Yep.

Better Design Handbook – Yep.

Windows Design – Yep.

Nachos – Trello.



UI Inspiration

Dribbble – I love dribbble its a fantastic place for UI and creativity

Behance – Another great place for UI designs

Awwwards – Some amazing work on display here

Shards Dashboard Demo – Good dashboard design.

Lapa Ninja – Landing pages

Collect Ui – All kinds of different designs by category.

Pttrns – UI by category.

Ui movement – Apps Landing pages etc

Land-book – Landing pages

Pages xyz – Landing pages

Design snips – Landers and general UI’s

Ui Garage – Ui broken down into categories.

Ui Store – Landers and general UI’s

Styleguides – Various website style guides.

Empty States – Page empty states.

Really good emails – Email designs.

Mobbins – App Inspiration.

Tab Patterns – Inspiration by category.



Ui Tools

Figma – I use this for everything almost its amazing.

Coolors – Colour theme generator.

Material Design Palette – Colour palette.

Cool Backgrounds – Like it says.

Unsplash – Free amazing pictures.

Google Fonts – Yep.

Avataaars – Avatar Generator



UX Inspiration

UX Axioms – Makes you think about what the things that are known.

NN Group Youtube Videos – Don Normans group has a channel full of great UX content.

Design your business – A good resource for all kinds of business related design problems.

Marvelapp – Questions UX designs should be asking.

Product Manual – Lots of content about all parts of a products design.

High Resolution Video Series – Interviews some of the world best designers.



UX Tools

Xtensio – User Persona generator.

Flowmap – Make user flows and site maps easily.

Design Revision – Tool and Templates which are handy to look at.

Coggle – Easy way to show complex flows and systems.

Boards of Innovation tools – Design thinking tools.

UX Checklist – It’s what you think it is.

User Testing – Test with real people.

UX Mastery Tools – A bunch if tools for UX.

Sans Francisco – A bunch of tools to help designers.



Visual Design Inspiration

Yanko Design – I love looking at stuff on this site purely for the amazing ideas on display.

Design Inspiration – Literally.

Typographic Posters – Literally.

This is Colossal – Art and Design.



Design News, Reads and Listens

Google Design Blog – Its google, so you know its good.

Web Designer News – General news feed, kind of like Reddit.

UX Mastery – Blog about UX.

The Next Web – General tech / web news.

How Design – Graphic Design blog.

Creative Blog – Blog for all kinds of design.



Resources & Misc thingys

Material icons – I use this a lot for projects, can also be a great base for creating your own.

Flat Icon – Tons more icons.

Unsplash – Amazing free stock images

Beyond Binary – Stock photos that showcase a more colorful and realistic gender spectrum.

Namelix – Business name generator.

Freepik – Loads of free vectors.

Startup name check – Pretty much what you think it is.

Trello – Organise your teams work.



And that about wraps up the list, I will keep adding to it if I find new stuff. I hope you find some these as helpful as I do and can use them in your day to day.

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