Why I don’t recommend GoDaddy hosting review

godaddy hosting review
(Last Updated On: August 20, 2016)

Like many people I have been tempted by GoDaddys charm, a slick website, good marketing and big discounts really draws you in to their website and hosting packages. Everything looks great from the outside, there’s lots of good reviews, tons of support, discount codes all over the place, pictures of happy people running their profitable business with such ease thanks to their shinny new GoDaddy website hosting plan. Right? It’s time for my Honest GoDaddy Hosting Review

Like this guy:
godaddy hosting review

Lets get real here, it’s not all doom and gloom for GoDaddy so lets start this review in a positive/optimistic mood shall we?

So what do GoDaddy do right?

  • Cheap
  • Half/Decent Support
  • The prices are very good, and you can be on the phone with someone to help you almost straight away. If your problem is basic you’ll be sorted in no time, If its a little more complicated sometimes it can be a hassle getting passed around, agent to agent but the system works for the most part.

    But lets compare this to a car; you buy a new car, It’s cheap, looks good, the sales men were really nice, you feel like you got a great deal. you take your new car home, just the color your wanted, what a treat.


    A few days later you notice the cars running a bit slow, you persist, a week later still running slow. So you take it to the dealer “no worries sir, we’ll have it fixed in no time” Great!
    A few days later, the car is slow again, your friends complain it’s slow as well. So you take it back to the dealer “oh yeah, I see the problem. Let me just poke this and prod that, there we go sir all good” Lovely, you think, what a great service. you dont know what you would do with out these guys helping.
    Over time things get no better, the car is slow, it stalls sometimes, you’ve tried everything to fix it. You’ve taken it to the dealer more times than you’ve had hot dinners. You take the car back, you’ve really had enough, you demand better performance or a fix to your issues. “I’m sorry sir, there is nothing we can do with your current package. We will gladly upgrade your car for the low low price of [insert bullshit price here]” You leave, go home in your slow ass car and wait a year to find a better deal when the renewal comes around.

    Have you ever heard the expression:

    You buy cheap, you buy twice

    The fact is, for all their service and price you get what you pay for. You pay a low price because you share a server with so many other websites. That’s what shared hosting is. If someone else on your server has high traffic, gets attacked or messes with the server in some way, everyone is effected. It’s not that shared hosting is bad, it’s totally fine for the average website. It’s that to cut costs to give cheap hosting packages like GoDaddy does, they put way to many websites on one server, or dont have powerful enough servers to begin with.

    For all their flash, their show, their prices, support and discounts. What matters at the end of the day the most, is the service itself.

    Iv’e personally had my own GoDaddy websites, have had many clients over the years who have had GoDaddy. All of them have moved because of website speeds or other issues. If you’re going to do it, do it right!

    I have been using the same web hosting for the last 2 years, Iv’e tried a lot of web host like GoDaddy, HostGator, Dreamhost, iPage, BlueHost to name a few.

    So who do I use and recommend to all my friends and clients? Well if you can see the sidebar it’s pretty obvious, A2Hosting has been the one and only web host for me for the last few years. Their SSD servers are stellar! I will have a full A2Hosting review coming soon, but all you need to know is their servers are fast and no that pricey.

    TLDR; GoDaddy are cheap, have good service. But have slow servers and it isn’t worth being cheap, because the website will suck so bad.

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