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user research

What is user research & how do we do it?

User research is about understanding users behaviour, motivations needs by observing them do tasks or other feedback methodologies. This valuable information can be used to improve your products overall design and experience by informing your design decisions with real user understanding. User research can tell you if your product is wanted in the market and […]

ux design process

My UX Design Process – User Experience Design Process

The UX Design process is very flexible and is dependent on things like project, team, requirements, timeframe and more. In this article, I aim to give a general overview of what a typical UX Design process looks like for me, how I start and how I think about the problems ahead. If you are looking […]

Ux Design fall back website

Think of your website fallbacks for good user experience, UX Design

Fallbacks, If it’s not something you’ve really thought about now is a good time. With users being on so many different devices and interacting with your product all over the world from a subway to a remote island what happens when it goes wrong? What happens when the website doesn’t load correctly? or 1 part […]