Photoshopped Modded Delorean

modified delorean photoshop
(Last Updated On: August 16, 2016)

The Delorean is one of the most Iconic cars around, famous for its role in Back to the Future. But I decided to do something a little different and modified the car as if it where going to race on the streets. So here is my Modded Deloreanm, ready for the streets or the track:

delorean photoshopped modified

I kept most of the car stock, removing of the some cheap plastic trim and smoothing out some of the panels. Adding some nice wheels, newer headlights and lowering the car has made a massive difference. I even went as far as to add reflections to the brushed aluminium body, new glass and added a big rear vent to a imaginary rear radiator.


Here are the full images for your viewing pleasure:

delorean photoshopped modified modified delorean photoshop delorean photoshopped modified

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