GW2 Game Inventory Wallet UX/UI Improvement

guild wars 2 inventory ui improvement
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

Recently Keys where added to the inventory wallet in Guild Wars 2, now I never really used the wallet much but adding the key was a much requested and needed feature for a while so it got my attention. I noticed how clunky and cumbersome the UI was when you need to find something like your keys in the big list of items. Currently you have your Inventory, you click on the wallet icon to see all of your currencies and keys in this massive scrolling list. There is a drop down at the top to filter what you’re looking for so you click the drop down then the keys and you’re there. It doesn’t sound to bad in theory, but when you’re in a fight or on the move and need to quickly check something, it becomes really slow and annoying to use.


Here is the current setup after you have clicked the wallet icon in the bottom left and the drop down menu:

guild wars 2 inventory ui improvement


My suggestion is to add more icon to the bottom row of the inventory that go directly to the currency you need to see. This would take 3 click down to 1, make the experience simple and fast to get the information you need.


Inventory UI, with new icons at the bottom:

guild wars 2 inventory ui improvement


Inventory UI with Keys tab selected:

guild wars 2 inventory ui improvement


I hope they implement something like this into the game to make the users experience that much better, and a bit quality of life improvement.

Thanks for reading.

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