Guild Wars 2 Future Race Selection

guild wars 2 future races
(Last Updated On: August 16, 2016)

I’m a big fan of Guildwars 2 and its art style. This is a concept of the Guild Wars 2 Future Races. I took a lot of inspiration from the current character selection menu and the games overall design. I think all these races are totally feasible to be added to the game in the future. If I had to choose one of these future races to play myself I think I would choose Naga. I would love to play a Serpent race, failing that Tengu just looks amazing.

The main assets used in this concept are from Guild Wars 2 wiki and concept arts.

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guild wars 2 future races

The Kodan are a race of intelligent polar bear-like beings from the distant northern lands and seas. They are a highly spiritual race that for centuries has lived in cities built upon, and carved into, icebergs in the arctic seas known as Sanctuaries. Their society is divided into tribes, each one having their own iceberg and leaders.
guild wars 2 future races

The Skritt are small, rat-like creatures who come from deep beneath the surface of Tyria. Their group intelligence and incredibly fast reproductive rate makes them a target of the asura, who view them as a threat to all intelligent races.
guild wars 2 future races

The Tengu are a race of avian humanoids that make their home in the Dominion of Winds, along the Tarnished Coast. They are extremely wary of the races of Tyria, and do not allow outsiders into their city.

The Dwarves are a near-extinct race of short, stout humanoids that once inhabited the Shiverpeak Mountains. They are now creatures of stone, rather than flesh and bone, and now act as guardians of the Depths of Tyria, fighting the minions of Primordus and denying them passage to the surface. As such, few are ever seen.

The Naga are nothing like the peaceful culture that shared the coast with the Canthans of old. They have aggressively taken back whole stretches of crystallized sea and petrified coastline from the humans, and make any journey through the Jade Sea even more perilous.
guild wars 2 future races

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