Vegan Minecraft Server is live

Finally a proper Vegan Minecraft Server!

vegan minecraft server

VeganCraft is a Semi-Vanilla Survival server created by Vegans for Vegans. Our capacity is 25 slots. We’re running Minecraft 1.9 with a fresh map and have installed Spigot to run a few plugins. The plugins give you starter tools upon joining for the first time, allow you to use commands such as /sethome and /spawn, as well as lock chests and allow Admins to access tools to protect the world from griefing. We are open to the addition of Vegan mods or plugins as they become available. As of now, none are compatible with the latest version of Minecraft.


You can apply to join here
Or check out our sub reddit here


vegan minecraft server

Luke Dowding
I’m a UX/UI Designer & Web Developer from the UK. I’m Vegan, love Cycling, Running, Gaming and F1. Aka: Roamy
March 13, 2016