My ultimate F1 race circuit

ultimate race track
(Last Updated On: December 10, 2015)

I had the idea a while back to make my own race circuit, but I wanted to use all best corners from the current F1 season.

I started by making a 2d design first so I knew I had a working layout. This was actually pretty tricky, I got the circuit layouts from the official F1 website and began to cut out my favorite corners. I was certain on a few things, the first corner had to be Spain, and the last had to be Canada (just my choice). Beyond the start and the finish I wasn’t fussed about what came where as long as it flowed well and all fit together! This was hours of trial and error trying to piece together a puzzle with no reference. I managed to get a nice combination of corners together. Eau Rouge into 130R then into the Parabolic and Spain T3 into Luffield which would flow really well in real life. I tried to pick corners that normally have a lot of overtaking potential and are just great to watch.

the Final Track layout:

Track information:
– Pole Laptime: 03.09s

– Track Distance: 14km (8.6mi)

– Average Speed: 225kph (140mph)

– Corners: 34
T1/2/3 = Spain T1/2/3
T4/5/6 = Britain T6/7/8
T7/8 = United States T10/11
T9/10/11 = Australia T10/11/12
T12/13/14 = Belgium T5/6/7
T15/16 = Japan T1/2
T17/18/19 = Basil T1/2/3
T20/21 = China T6
T22 = Hungary T2
T23/24/25 = Belgium T2/3/4
T26 = Japan T15
T27 = Italy T11
T28/29/30/31/32 = Britain T10/11/12/13/14
T33/34 = Canada T13/14


Then Came the video idea, the 2d map wasn’t enough because I wanted something a little more visual and immersive. I knew before I started that the audio was the most important thing, it had to be as seamless as possible. I knew the video would look kinda weird blending tracks together, so I tried to find on-board footage to create a lap of my own track. At first I tried for a few hours and gave up, all the footage on YouTube was completely crap and I didn’t want to download hundreds of GB worth of previous races just to try grab one tiny piece of footage from it. I eventually ended up on a Ferrari fan forum, where a guy named Sanomas was doing an amazing job of posting the race edits and pole laps for each race for the last 10 years almost. Finally I found the footage I needed!
I actually didn’t intend to have just Mercs in the video, but as they have dominated the last two seasons, it just kinda happened. Enjoy the video.

Watch the on-board lap of my ultimate race track:

Disclaimer: I’m not a video editor, I did a lot of learning while making this video. I tried to make the audio as perfect as I could because I felt it was the most important part, and the video second.


I hope you enjoyed this little project, maybe this will inspire you to make your own circuit.

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